Triple Glazing – Is It Worth All That Extra Money?

06/09/2020 0 Comments

An Introduction to Triple Glazing

While the triple glazed windows concept is relatively new in the UK, it has been around for much longer in colder countries such as Scandinavia where homes typically have to endure extremely cold winter weather. While the UK doesn’t experience severe weather conditions like some countries in Europe, it still does experience harsh winters, which generally increase energy prices. Although things like insulating your floor, roof and walls do go a long way in helping keep your home warm, neglecting your windows could result in condensation and cold spots.

Benefits of U-Values and Triple Glazing

There are lots of benefits associated with installing triple glazed windows in your home. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that not all triple glazing is the same. Considering that there are many different types of systems in the market, the most important thing to consider …