A Special Variety of Spa Life Experience Because of Metrodeal!

At first, I heard something about Ace Water Spa as soon as it appeared in the media. I’m really weird because of the term ??? Atwater spa is fresh enough for me. If you told me the wording, I would probably immediately imagine a body massage with perfume or salt scrub. So I did a Google search and found that Ace Water Spa is based on the thought of a water therapy that uses water to fend off and/or cure discomfort. And it’s not a great new way of therapy either. According to Wikipedia, water therapy began a long time ago in Ancient Egypt where they used aromatic water or warm baths in the session.

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This thought is also not unique to the Philippines as we still have hot springs and natural waterfalls, and many more pool resorts that offer jacuzzis and water jets in their pools. But only Ace Water Spa has the ability to put all this under one roof.

That’s why I was so excited when I was told about the 37% discount off the Ace Air Spa package from MetroDeal! I got 8 vouchers for me and my guests and we had so much fun trying out each of the pools. We even tried the kid’s pool! (People kept staring at us, so we had to get out before the lifeguards noticed us). One of the men enjoyed a very high-pressure rubdown so much that he said he would have fallen asleep if it weren’t for the fact that water had fallen on him. While some of them were relaxing in the massage pool, some of us headed to the pool and challenged the girls vs boys against who could do 5 laps faster. (We girls won by a score of 2-1).

We ended the last hour with a relaxing dip in the Jasmine Herbal pool. Even though the voucher let us use all the facilities for 4 hours we were unable to try the Sauna and Cold Pool especially as we had so much fun using the massages and the pool hardly anyone wanted to get out of them! Next time we come back these two will be the most important things we will try! Before leaving the water spa I looked at the costs and couldn’t believe how much I had saved! For all 8 vouchers, I’ve saved nearly P2,000! Now that’s what you call a lot! Next time the Ace Water Spa deal comes up on MetroDeal again, me ??? All be sure to take more!