Swissotel Hotel, a 5-star hotel with incredible views of the sea

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Talking about Phuket is always exciting. Phuket has a natural beauty that is well known all over the world. Kamala Beach is one of the beaches to become the favorite place for local and foreign tourists.

If you want to enjoy your visit to Thailand, of course, you have to choose a comfortable place to stay. You can stay at Swissôtel Suites Phuket Kamala Beach; a hotel belongs to the Accor Group (a French multinational company). This hotel has a charming design.

Hotel Location

Swissotel Kamala Beach can be reached in less than 48 minutes by car from Phuket International Airport. This hotel is right by the beach. After entering the hotel area, you will be greeted with modern classic nuances combined with the typical Thai culture.

Hotel facility

Swissôtel Phuket Kamala Beach offers seven types of rooms. The rooms are One Bedroom Haven Suite, One-Bedroom Pool Terrace Suite, One-Bedroom …

Favorite Tourist Attractions in Koh Samui, Thailand

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Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. The island is famous for its beaches which have many palm trees and clear blue waters. Besides, Koh Samui also has an amazing landscape where rain forests are inhabited by a variety of flora and fauna.

This island can be called an island of paradise because of its beauty. The cost for a vacation here is quite diverse, ranging from backpacker-style vacations to super-luxury holidays just like Hollywood artists. The facilities on Koh Samui are quite complete and you can do many things here.

There are many tourist attractions that you can explore when visiting Koh Samui. Let’s see these following popular tourist attractions in Koh Samui.

Chaweng Beach.

Chaweng is the center of Koh Samui. It is the busiest and largest city on Koh Samui. Chaweng has a very …

5 Tips to Improve Learning Quality

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As the successor of the nation, of course, you as a young generation are required to study from teachers at school and parents at home. It’s all needed because one day you will face the real-life with full challenges. Improving the quality of learning will improve values ​​or rankings to get the best results.

Learning is one of the key ways to succeed to get the best results. Are the stages in the way you studied effective? If not, please follow the tips below:

The following are 5 tips for improving the quality of learning you can try:

1. Find a Conducive Place for Learning

A place that is conducive for is different for each other. Usually, a quiet and comfortable place can make the mind focus. For example, Wells International School. They are the American International School Bangkok which has the best curriculum.

2. Summarize with Writing

After we …

Tips for Vacationing in the Maldives

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Maldives is an island nation located in the south-southwest of India. This country is considered as the most romantic tourist spot. Tourists who come to the Maldives come from various countries around the world. The charm of the natural beauty of the sea in the Maldives is very difficult to resist.

Many are hesitant to go on holiday to the Maldives because to spent a holiday in this exotic country, is very expensive. However, you don’t need to hesitate, because Raffles Maldives provides accommodation at an affordable price. For more information about the prices offered by Raffles Maldives, you can visit the site Raffles Maldives is suitable as accommodation for staying when visiting the Maldives, either you going to Maldives alone or with a partner.

Here are some tips for a vacation to the Maldives on a budget:

Determine Vacation Time

The first vacation tips to the …

5 Ways to Teach a Children the Most Rational Thinking

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Rational thinking is a way of thinking based on truth so as to produce an intelligent mindset. Everyone must always have rational thought in order to prove a truth that has a basis. Rational thinking must be taught to children from an early age so that they can easily overcome difficulties when interacting with many people. Rational thinking later also becomes the provision of children when interacting with strangers. Teaching children to think rationally is not difficult. For this reason, mothers must know an easy way to teach children to think rationally.

Familiarize Children to Always Discipline

Familiarize Children to discipline should start from childhood so that later they get used to it. Teaching children discipline in children starts from getting used to putting things where they should be. The attitude of discipline taught since childhood is very influential in rational thinking. Teaching discipline to children as a child is …

An effective way to prevent mosquito bites

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Mosquitoes usually bite during the day and night, both outdoors and indoors. These insects are usually looking for a warm place when the temperature starts to cool. Mosquitoes will usually gather in a closed room, like a garage. Generally, mosquitoes will breed in damp places or reservoirs of water, such as ponds, old tires, wet plants, to garbage.

If you feel your home is not free from mosquito attacks, you can buy mosquito repellent products from Mozzi Gear that make your activities comfortable. Here are some ways you can follow to prevent mosquito bites.

  •   Using a fan

Mosquitoes turned out to be animals that can not fly too much. That is why one way to prevent mosquito bites is to use a fan. The wind that was created might disrupt his flying ability. If you stand or sit near a fan, chances are that mosquitoes will have a hard time …

6 Ways to Build a Leakage-Free House

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Leaking roofs are a problem that often face by everyone during the rainy season, especially since the weather is very difficult to predict. The cause of roof leaks varies. For example, the roof is leaking not only because there are holes. It could also be due to the slope of the roof that is less steep, the installation of tiles that are not good, guttering problems, gaps in the ridge of the roof, or trash on the roof.

Don’t let this problem gives you stress. The solution is to buy a roof at Sydney Roof and Building Supplies, they provide a variety of roofs ranging from Slate, Terracotta, Concrete, up to Metal with good quality.

Here are some ways to make your house leak-free.

Pay attention to the roof slope

The slope of the roof should not be too gentle, the limit is 25 degrees -40 degrees. The appropriate …

Why Do People Love Celebrity News?

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Celebrities have continually been captivating to the general populace. We observe their careers and we are inquisitive about their love-lives, their desire of fashions and what they stand up to while they may be no longer on degree or the silver screen.

Celebrity information is not a brand new phenomenon. It’s been around as long as there have been leading names in popular society. Even before the occasions of cinema there was theatre, track and poetry, and people that achieved and created this cultural landscape loved high levels of movie star themselves.

These days, with the net and social media we will get entry to our superstar news a whole lot more immediately, and there is lots more of it! And this feeds the appetite amongst readers for news on their favourite stars. This is why superstar news and the modern updates from the arena of subculture, enjoyment and style …