With the fuel prices skyrocketing every single day, it is vital to be economical about it. Let’s face the facts that maintaining a vehicle is difficult and it definitely requires a lot of tactics to handle. We merely compiled a list of points that you can consider to make your drive economic. The tips below are nothing but good driving and car care practices. Follow them.

Drive at speeds of under 60kmph as long as possible. This may not seem like a major change but will help slash fuel expenses. In case your car has a speedometer that denotes economy zone, then stick to it. Once you maintain a constant speed, it will definitely shed a positive effect on your fuel consumption.

A lot of fuel is spent while your car is simply parked at red lights with its engine on. Even fuel efficient cars end up sornfing too much of fuel. If you know that a particular stop light lasts for more than 60 seconds, turn your engine off. Practice this regularly and you will end up saving up on the fuel largely.

However, it won’t make any difference if the stop is less than 60 seconds or if there are several under 60-second red lights on your route.

Accelerate smoothly without stomping on the pedal to set the car in motion, as it will only pump more fuel. It appears as if it won’t make any difference to you but that is not at all true. Racing traffic from one light to another will burn your fuel. Similarly, in case of second hand vehicle like used garbage trucks bought in sale need regular servicing to facilitate optimum fuel usage.

Inflate tyres to the correct pressure. This is certainly the most neglected part. Running on low tyre pressure leads to an increment in the rolling resistance of the tyre to the ground. This leads to a heavy fuel consumption. One must make it a point to always inflate the tyres with the correct pressure.

Watch the motor oil that is recommended. Your vehicle manufacturer might recommend an oil for your vehicle. Always use the recommended oil only.

Avoid prolonged idling at any cost. You may not realize but prolonged idling can strain your engine. Moreover, it ends up consuming around half a gallon of fuel in Judy one hour. This implies that you are burning too much of fuel every time you keep it idle. Get rid of this habit as soon as you can.

Plan your drive always. We have to stop and start while driving but the trick is to smooth en the flow. Look at the road ahead and observe the flow of traffic. By anticipating the way traffic moves, you can plan your maneuvers and avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking.

Do not add up to unnecessary weight. Vehicle manufacturers try it hard to keep the vehicle weight low. There are times when you load your vehicle with a lot of stuff and at times even forget to take it out. Do not let that happen.

These few tips shall help you out in saving up your precious fuel especially when the fuel prices are increasing with every passing day.