How Big Is The “Wealth Coaching” Online Industry?

The internet has lately become one massive source for wannabe entrepreneurs, investors and such. Given the fact that there are many blogs available on Internet-based industries and side-incomes, this opened the door to many different forms of online learning, whether if legitimate or purely “clickbait related”. The “income coach”, “motivator” and “mentor” are now professional figures that are attracting a lot of clients and businesses, due to the fact that they are almost dominating paid ads on social media. Let’s break down the subject in more detail.

Are Those Legitimate Pieces of Advice?

The big question that everyone is asking is definitely this one. Sometimes, these characters are just pretending to be successful entrepreneurs just to sell their ebooks to the ones who are genuinely passionate about entrepreneurship and investments. There are, in fact, more than 300 paid social campaigns on Facebook that are redirecting to courses on “how to make 6 figures side-income” and similar. With that being said, there are, also, professional mentors that are actually selling values and worthy pieces of advice.

What Are The Targeted Sectors?

There are many different industries that are looked after by online mentors. The management and investment sectors are incredibly popular, with examples ranging from commercial property management to crypto investments. There are many chartered surveyors in Manchester, for example, who are targeted by these personalities, given the fact that, apparently, there is a considerable peak of these services in the Northern British city

Average Costs

Dan Lok, which is one the biggest players in the industry of online mentorship, takes around $50.000 an hour in order to “coach a business” which is probably why he’s always showing his Bentleys and multi-million dollar houses in his videos. Other ones have a totally different approach, focusing on Youtube monetization with micro ads. A bright example of the second one would be Tai Lopez, who’s probably the biggest Youtuber on the matter.

To Conclude

When it comes to online coaching and mentorship, there are many people who are creating content on the matter, as said. When it comes to such delicate subjects as money, investments and property management, it’s incredibly important to have a high-level knowledge of the subject before approaching these persons, otherwise, it could be possible to step into scammers and “so-called experts”. Although many of them have been called out for simply delivering “tasteless” pieces of advice, there are still many professional ones on the market.