Main Benefits of Floor Plans

03/02/2021 0 Comments

Selling a property doesn’t require you to produce any floor plans. Also, nothing stops you from selling it even without showing any photos or property descriptions. There are many listings that don’t feature any of these. Actually the only necessary thing legally is an EPC, a certificate showing a property’s energy ratings that can be prepared by agencies like Fourwalls. Nevertheless, by adding floor plans to your listing, you can simplify the home-buyer’s decision making process and you can help your listing to stand out from the crowd. Briefly, floor plans can do wonders for your listing, just as high-quality photos and compelling property descriptions. Here are three reasons why you should consider using floor plans to sell your property faster and easier:

1. Floor Plans Allow Potential Buyers to Visualise Your Property Better Than Images

Research shows that over 30 percent of buyers avoid contacting properties that don’t include floor plans in their listings. About 20% of house hunters will actually overlook all listings that don’t showcase floor plans.

Thanks to floor plans, buyers can have a better image of your property in terms of measurements, storage space and windows placements. Also, floor plans are better at accentuating unique selling features such as knock-throughs and home extensions.

This isn’t to say that high-quality photos don’t matter. They are essential in showcasing a property in the best possible light. However, many buyers feel that the wide angle images that look so good are somehow misleading, as they may provide a false sense of measurements.

You may have come across potential buyers that end up in disappointment, as the property looks different from the image created by the photos. Thanks to floor plans, both buyers and sellers can save time, as they can have a more accurate view of the home before making the effort to visit it. This saves everyone from unwanted surprises during open house visits.

Estate agents need to work with whatever materials their clients hand them. When photos feature cluttered or untidy rooms, potential buyers may perceive these spaces as being much smaller than they really are. This could make them cross these homes off their list, even though they could have actually liked them. Floor plans are clean, so they provide an accurate image of all rooms and of the whole space of the property.

According to professional surveys, buyers want not only to see room measurements, but also how these rooms complement each other. Despite this, buyers rate the measurements of the rooms as the most important element of a floor plan.

Floor plans that include window and door placements can help buyers find out whether their furniture items would fit into the available space. By knowing where all these elements are, buyers can even make plans for future improvements or tweaks to suit their needs.

Once potential buyers start picturing themselves in their new home, they form an emotional attachment that may contribute to their final purchasing decision.

2. Floor Plans Help Buyers Remember Properties Later On

Most buyers tend to forget the photos of properties they see on real estate websites. Some even forget many details even the day after the actual visit. As they look at multiple features at the same time, and they visit multiple homes per day, it’s easy for these buyers to forget and mix many of the features they’ve seen. A floor plan will help these potential buyers remember all important details even days after the visit.

A visual of the home layout can make your property more memorable, so keep this in mind when you prepare your real estate listings.

3. Floor Plans Make You Look More Professional

If other real estate agents use floor plans, you also have to follow this trend if you want to thrive in such a competitive environment. Even if nobody else does it, you’ll gain a great competitive edge by offering detailed floor plans to your potential customers. This is a very easy and fairly inexpensive way to gain a solid market advantage.