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Not only the motorcycle, that must be cool for a motorcycle rider, but it is also important to pay attention to touring appearance. Such as helmets, gloves, and jackets are closely related to the safety obtained while riding.

Touring shoes is a device to protect the feet. The reason is that riding a motorcycle is a very dangerous activity whereby investing in riding equipment purchases is a must.

And here are 5 Tips on Choosing Good Touring Shoes

  • Prioritize the Safety when Touring

Not all shoes suitable for riding. For riders, usual shoes are not enough to protect the feet. There is a special shoe for those who like touring. A good quality touring shoes have 3 protector parts, that is. The protectors on the ankle, bone shine, and toe slider.

However, some shoes are equipped with an additional pad. These additional pad aim at minimizing damage when the rider makes a gearshift. Where the riding shoes are designed perfectly to protect the feet well and also protect from exhaust heat. If you want to buy touring shoes, you can buy it in Wheels Clothing. They provide various kinds of mens motorbike boots at affordable prices.

  • The convenience of touring is also required

As we know, motorcycle riders often take touring for a long time, so that comfortable shoes are needed and can protect their feet well. And now, one of the innovations in these shoes is a shoe equipped with the research technology by using layers of cortexes 3M Thinsulate. With this innovation, now these shoes are made of a material that can be released and reduced heat.

For this reason, you should choose shoes that have a shiffer pad that the height is above the ankle and under the knees so that keep your feet stay warm when riding. To avoid the slip, choose the sole of the touring shoe that is made from rubber.

  • Design

Quality and comfort are very important, but the choice of an attractive design is also very necessary for the rider. Good shoes are the ones that can cover the whole leg well and are made of an elastic material so that makes it easy for the feet to move and not make the feet feel tired quickly. Besides, to choose shoes that have the hook, it is used to be linked on the pedal footing to minimize the risk of slipping sliders.

However, the shoes cannot be too high because it will be snagged when stepping on the footstep. Where the touring shoes have a different height from the other shoes. These shoes are usually designed with a height below the knee so they can protect feet from wind and heat.

  • Lockdown

Shoelaces are usually used as something to make it easy for someone to use them. But different than usual, shoes that are used alone do not have a special lock needed to make it easy to use or take off shoes. And when the shoes are being used have shoelaces, it is feared that this will cause problems because they will be snagged to motorcycle parts. For this reason, the lock in a good touring shoe is using velcro or zipper.

  • Shoe Size

Touring usually takes place over a long period even days or weeks, because the comfort factor should be prioritized. As in choosing a shoe size. Make sure the shoes that will be bought is comfortable, try the shoes when you are still in the shoe shop and use it for walking. For size, it is recommended to buy the size is one level bigger than the actual foot size. Larger shoes give more space to the feet for breathing.