Having long, thick hair is fun. However, on the other hand, long hair also easily looks tangled and messy if it is not arranged properly. If you don’t have much time to style your hair, there are some practical and quick solutions you can try. You can visit Bondi Junction hairdressers. With their professional staff, they can give you recommendations about what hairstyle that suit your face shape.

Here are some recommendations for a simple and elegant hairstyle for women who have long hair.

1. Twisted Ponytail

A twisted ponytail hairstyle is a beautiful style that easy to be done. Divide your hair into three parts, tied the middle section into a ponytail. Then, divide the other two parts into smaller parts. Continue by twisting the small parts one by one and then connecting the ends to the ponytail ties with the bobby pin. Repeat the process continues to the left and right. Voila, you are ready to dazzle on campus or at work with an elegant long hairstyle.

2. Mermaid Tail Braid

Mermaid tail braid is a style that is quite easy to do but can give an elegant appearance. You don’t need a lot of tools or equipment to do this hairstyle. Divide your hair into two parts, then braid each part. Don’t forget to lock the braids using a ponytail hairband. Afterward, tighten the two braids using a bobby pin at the base of the braid. The mermaid tail braid hairdo is ready to make you look impressive.

3. The Low Knots

The low knots are hairdos that make you look elegant instantly without too much effort. Divide your hair into three parts; front left, front right, and back. Put your back hair together into a basic bun. Then, wrap the front parts of your hair in the direction of the bun. For messy effects, loosen the twist slightly. Then, use a bobby pin to lock the sections of hair that have been turned into bun. With this hairstyle, you can move freely all day without worrying about being hot with your long hair.

4. Criss cross Pins

If you are very rushed but don’t want your long hair to look messy, styling your hairclip can be the right choice. Its use may look simple, but it can make your appearance look more feminine and elegant. Not only that, this hairstyle is also effective in keeping baby hair neat so it doesn’t disturb your activities. Choose several types of fun hairclip or plain bobby pins according to your preference, put it in your hair to sweeten the look. This quite simple and elegant look will be perfect if it combined with natural makeup.

5. Bandana Wrap

Using a scarf or bandana to style your hair is a great option. If you want a neat and practical look, make a ponytail first, then use a scarf to tie the hair. However, if you prefer to appear with loose hair, simply fold the bandana fabric or scarf in a triangle shape, then attach it to cover the top of the head.