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7 Tips for Finding Honest and Trusted Employees

As an entrepreneur, you generally always need employees to help with all aspects of your business and sales needs. This also applies to company recruiters. A recruiter is required to look for company employees according to qualification and good behavior.

Looking for honest employees is very necessary, considering that honesty is one of the characteristics that is always a qualification requirement for applicants in every company that advertises job vacancies. In addition to skills/expertise and passion for work, honesty is a trait that employers or companies always need for every prospective employee.

Because looking for honest employees sometimes has its challenges. Therefore, here are Seven tips for finding employees for your company or business.

For recruiters / HRD companies and entrepreneurs, here are Seventh tips that can be used to find employees:

1. Search on trusted platforms

Employers and recruiters should always use a trusted platform to find employees both online and offline. Currently, many use online media to find qualified employees.

To get quality talent, one of which is good and honest human resources, recruiters or entrepreneurs must also look for background check platforms. Here are the best Top background checks that must to see

2. Conduct a professional interview

After getting the selected candidate, then professionally interview with the candidate. During the interview, you can judge the candidate by their posture and facial expressions when answering questions. Write a list of questions that are systematic and not random. Don’t forget to give him a written test.

3. Make a work agreement or probationary period

This is an important thing and can be seen when the applicant is directly in the work environment. We can see how the work and daily behavior. If it does not meet expectations, the company or entrepreneur can terminate the contract or trial period.

4. If possible, ask for the contact number of the boss where he works first

If possible, and prospective applicants are open, you as an entrepreneur or recruiter should ask for a contact from your boss or a recommendation from the company where he worked before. The track record of prospective employees can be seen from their previous history.

5. Invite other recruiters

For interview sessions, if possible, invite fellow recruiters or other HRD in interviewing prospective employees. This is useful so that recruiters can carefully consider whether prospective employees can meet the qualifications and have an honest attitude.

6. Giving appreciation

 This one tip applies when employees have started working and have served in your company for a long time. Being an honest person, especially in a corporate environment, is not easy, therefore as a boss, don’t hesitate to give an appreciation for your employees who have worked honestly and well.

7. Cultivate an attitude of openness in the work environment

When you have entered the work phase and are in an office environment, try to always instill a culture of openness to one another. That is, create open and honest communication. Schedule some time for discussion with employees. This will further make the relationship between employees and superiors better with openness and honesty.

Those are the 7 points above on how to find honest employees. If possible, do some honesty tests that can be tried before the employee joins the company. Honesty is a trait that is very difficult to find by many people, especially for the benefit of the company, this is very important to note. In addition, always make it a habit to be honest wherever and whenever we are.

Moreover, if you are a boss, an honest and open attitude must be accustomed and applied because by getting used to being open and honest, employees will judge you as an example of a good leader.

Honesty will have a very good impact on ourselves and the environment so there is nothing wrong with always instilling honesty from an early age.