An effective way to prevent mosquito bites

Mosquitoes usually bite during the day and night, both outdoors and indoors. These insects are usually looking for a warm place when the temperature starts to cool. Mosquitoes will usually gather in a closed room, like a garage. Generally, mosquitoes will breed in damp places or reservoirs of water, such as ponds, old tires, wet plants, to garbage.

If you feel your home is not free from mosquito attacks, you can buy mosquito repellent products from Mozzi Gear that make your activities comfortable. Here are some ways you can follow to prevent mosquito bites.

  •   Using a fan

Mosquitoes turned out to be animals that can not fly too much. That is why one way to prevent mosquito bites is to use a fan. The wind that was created might disrupt his flying ability. If you stand or sit near a fan, chances are that mosquitoes will have a hard time biting you.

  •  Applying peppermint oil

Peppermint is included in one that is able to be a mosquito repellent. This plant is proven to be a way to prevent mosquito bites, including Aedes aegypti for 45 minutes. This peppermint plant extract is used as an essential oil so that it can be applied to the arm or body area that you want. How to use it is also easy, you can simply mix peppermint oil with lemon to get the perfect mint aroma. However, there are things to remember that peppermint oil can cause a hot sensation on the skin. You might be able to combine it with canola oil.

  • Routinely throw garbage

Are you aware that rubbish that has accumulated in the corner of the room and made the floor moist can become a den for mosquitoes? So that you and other family members are free from the threat of being bitten by mosquitoes, don’t forget to routinely dispose of your garbage in a landfill. In addition, it can be done to separate wet and dry waste to make it easier for you when choosing and sorting it.

  • Utilizing the use of lemongrass plants

The natural ingredient that is common in mosquito repellent lotion is lemongrass. If you want to use natural methods to prevent mosquito bites, you can combine lemongrass oil with other essential oils.

One essential oil that is recommended to be mixed with lemongrass oil is cinnamon bark oil. The combination of the two turned out to produce mosquito repellent that is quite strong.

  • Clean puddles

Damp trash cans, puddles, and unmanaged ponds can become mosquito breeding grounds. Therefore, cleaning puddles in the yard and the house can make mosquitoes reluctant to breed there.

Tips to keep your house clean from puddles so you don’t get bitten by mosquitoes, include:

  • Clean the gutters on the clogged roof
  • Empty any water collection
  • Ensure that rain-water will not drop into the trash
  • Storing flower pots or other containers that are not used in an upside downstate
  • Maintaining the edge of the pool to avoid fungus
  • Use mosquito nets in septic tanks, wells, or water reservoirs.