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The auto windshield is one important component in a car. In addition to dispelling sunlight and dust, windshield can also maximize your protection while driving. Without a good windshield, driving will also be less comfortable. So, it needs special care to maintain the condition of your car windshield still good.

Ensuring visibility or ability and visibility while driving is the main factor that supports safety and comfort in driving. When talking about visibility when driving, certainly not separated from the windshield. Even though it is a built-in windshield, it must be treated properly so that it remains clear and does not disturb the view. If you’re looking for the best windshield service, you can contact the windshield replacement phoenix.

Caring for car windshield also does not always have to be done in a car repair shop, you can do it yourself at home. Besides being able to save expenses, you can also make sure your car’s windshield is really maintained. To avoid errors in car windshield maintenance, follow the tips below.

Tips You Can Do to Maintain and Maintain Car Windshield

Clean from all kinds of dirt

Wide windshield fields in the car will be more susceptible to various kinds of dirt, from dust, leaves, to bird droppings. Now when you find your windshield dirty, then clean it immediately. Because if there are stains or dust left for hours and even days it will become hardened so that it is more difficult to clean.

In addition to the dirt that will accumulate will interfere with your vision when running, dirt that has been hardened and already hardened and cleaned will cause scratches or scratches on the windshield. Only after cleaning, wear a car cover to keep dust and dirt from sticking back.

Check the condition of the wiper

The next step to keep the windshield in good condition is to check the condition of the rubber on the wiper. Make no mistake, because the wiper rubber also has an expiry period. Expired wiper rubber is characterized by hardening and cracking of the rubber.

Expired rubber wipers can cause scratches on your windshield and reduce its ability to wipe water off the windshield so that it can interfere with visibility.

Use the right cloth and windshield cleaner

Another mistake made by car owners is the origin of using cloth wipes and cheap car windshield cleaners when cleaning car windshields. Though this turned out to have an effect on the condition of the windshield. Make sure the condition of the cloth used is microfiber cloth or other soft cloth so that the windshield is not easily scratched.

Don’t forget to make sure the lap conditions must also be really clean. Use a good quality windshield cleaner that does not contain harsh chemicals.

Check for remnants of windshield cleaner

If you use a windshield cleaner, make sure the remaining liquid is wiped completely until it dries completely and does not leave any residue. Because it can cause damage to the windshield such as making the windshield structure damaged, peeling off ceramics, defogger and window film, and can make the windshield blurry due to mold.

Wipe immediately if exposed to rain

After being bathed in rainwater, do not immediately leave your car in a parking lot or garage, clean it with a cloth that absorbs water. Rainwater often leaves sand or fine dust that will harden on the windshield so it will be difficult to clean and make the windshield easily scratched.

Rainwater that is left to dry for a long time will also cause mold on the windshield that looks like white spots that are smooth and difficult to clean. Make sure to always clean the windshield in a wet state with both windshield wipers and water so that dust particles and dirt do not scratch your car’s windshield.

Use windshield protector

The last tip, coat your windshield with window film. Currently, there are many variations of car repair shops that provide various types of car windshield protectors. Car windshield protector or window film in addition to protecting the windshield can also block the entry of hot sunlight into the car so that your views are not dazzled and can make the atmosphere in the car still cool.