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From an individual point of view, the primary objective of a business firm is to earn profits. In the letter, mention that the trademark solely belongs to this company and that you have faced severe damages owing to the opponent’s illegal copying activities. There are many examples of unethical decisions that are made in the business world. Many times business owners are worried that having textbook business ethics will cause their business to fail because of reduced profits, when actually the opposite is ethic

Ethical balance is the implementation of ethical standards through solid moral values without being consumed by those standards. The philosophy today is as outdated today as media plays an increasing role in public life and people have zero tolerance toward unscrupulousness.

Some of the ethical policies followed by the company include national interest, support from open market economy, gift and donation for social cause, political non alignment, health safety and environment care, quality product and service and regulatory compliance etc.

There are professional ethics, which includes a system of moral norms of human behavior, belonging to a particular social group. If your company is new, unstable, about to be sold, or going out of business, ethics requires that you let clients and customers know this.

The organisational culture emphasis on ethics but as it grows it may change, as in the case of tyco where its organisational culture supports unethical practices. If the business earns social sanction of the society, where it exists then it would be able to survive, develop and excel in activities, because only through earning social sanction the business can get loyal customers.