Coastal POS: Provides Merchant Services to the Southeast Coast


When it comes to processing credit card payments, it’s hard to beat POS terminals. Point-of-sale terminal allows you to simply swipe the client’s debit or credit card and the terminal takes care of the rest. Furthermore, you can also easily process EBT and PIN debit card transactions by adding a PIN device to the terminal. To enjoy these benefits and many others, you will need to choose the right merchant service provider. Coastal POS is a recommended choice.

Coastal POS: Leader in Merchant Services and POS Equipment

For many years, Coastal POS has been the leader in providing clients with quality merchant services and POS equipment. We are committed to offering you powerful solutions and services to help you meet your business goals. We are proud of our longstanding history of supporting not only our clients but also our shareholders, employees, and communities.

Coastal POS offers wide variety of merchant services for all customers, including small businesses, individuals, government entities, corporations, and more. No matter how simple or complex your needs, we are sure to have the resources, knowledge, and products necessary for business success. Through our merchant services and POS systems, we provide you the easiest way to facilitate payments and achieve financial well-being. We strive to offer an excellent customer experience through our care center, ATMs, mobile and online solutions. With us, you have convenient and secure access to merchant service tools, expertise, and competitive services and products.

Serving Five Coastal Locations in the Southeast

What’s your business? At Coastal POS, our flexible merchant services are available for all business sectors including hospitality and tourism, retail, professional, public services and contractors, and more. So, whether you are a startup looking for the best way to facilitate customer payments or a seasoned enterprise that wants to upgrade its POS equipment, we have solutions that will work for you.

Currently, we are serving five coastal locations on the Southeast Coast:

Merchant Services Specialist Offering Great Rates

We recognize that cost-effective and simple POS and payment solutions make it easier for your customers to buy, which as a result, makes it easier for you to make profits and grow as a business. At Coastal POS, we offer simple, inexpensive solutions that allow your business to run smoothly. We offer a wide variety of compact and affordable terminals that you can buy or lease to satisfy your business needs. No matter what POS equipment you choose, you can be sure to rely on fast, reliable transactions that keep the line moving, in addition to built-in security that will protect your customer card and business information.

Apart from offering merchant services at great pricing, we also offer custom solutions. This means you don’t have to get locked into set merchant service rates and fees. With our customized POS solutions, you can choose your own rates with personalized plan for your business.

Point-Of-Sale Systems Technicians – POS Experts

Credit and debit card payments heavily rely on technology and the right point-of-sale solution can help you make sure that such payments are handled accurately, securely, and swiftly. Coastal POS works closely with all its clients to help them choose the POS equipment that best meets their specific needs. Apart from helping you choose the right merchant services and POS equipment, we also provide 24/7 support. Our POS experts are available to help you at your venue, via email, or over the phone. Our POS support team consists of industry specialists and qualified POS support technicians.

ATM Machine Sales and Lease to Own ATM Program

Choosing the right credit card processing equipment can help you increase your profits and reduce processing costs. We specialize in ATM machines sales and leases and we can also guide you in your selection of the right machine for your operation. When it comes to ATM machines, we offer easy-to-use, popular options that are fully equipped with the latest technology and offer the best overall value. Coastal POS is partnered with the industry’s leading hardware manufacturers offering purpose-built equipment to support the specific needs of your operations. Our hardware solutions are reliable, proven, and serviceable.

Closing Thoughts

Hiring the right merchant services is crucial to your business success. You need a business partner that is committed to help you achieve your long-term goals. When you choose Coastal POS, you get exactly that. With us, you can be sure that the merchant services and POS solutions you receive are backed by a team of experts ready to help you protect, manage, and grow your business.