Coronavirus (COVID-19): Let’s Keep Moving Forward

Coronavirus is at the top of the things you hear every day. This virus has become a ‘pandemic’ that has led to many countries imposing lockdowns to contain the virus. There has also been the closure of schools and other measures, e.g. economic.

With the promise of the end in sight in the UK, at Bill Butters Windows we don’t think this should be reason enough to postpone your home improvement projects you have been planning for. The country is going to get through this, the same way it did the 2008 financial crisis.

This article is going to look at the different ways you can get started with the process of improving the energy efficiency of your home that you can get when you upgrade to double glazing products and how installers can help you during these challenging times.

Online Quotes

You can obtain online quotes because many double-glazing companies offer them.

You can enter the specifications online, then a visual representation of how the doors and windows are going to look.

This can help in speeding up the process because you have the door or window ‘built’, which makes it easier for the installer to give you the right quote.
In normal cases, the installer would come over to your home to take the measurements before they give you a quote. This has changed because of the pandemic, so now you want to avoid booking an appointment and having someone coming to your home to take the measurements. With the quote tool, you get the chance of submitting the measurements and selecting installers to get started with the process. You don’t need to start making appointments.


Instead of having someone in your home taking measurements, you can take the measurements yourself because the process is not that complicated.

You can take many measurements then send them to the double-glazing company. Here are some things to keep in mind when taking measurements:

  • Take three width measurements from the bottom, middle, and top.
  • Don’t take measurements from the existing window frames but rather the jambs of the windows.
  • The smallest measurements across these three are what you are going to send out to the double glazing company.

If you want to take door measurements, you need to:

  • Measure the door from brick to brick at three points, bottom, middle, and top. Take the smallest of the measurements and send it to the company because this is going to be taken as the width.
  • When measuring the height, measure brick to brick at the right, middle, and left of the opening. Choose the smallest of those measurements as your height.
  • Once you have these measurements, the company is going to refine your quote.

If you feel like you have not taken the measurements correctly, talk to the installer who can walk you through the process to help you can get accurate measurements.

Financing Options

There are different options to choose from when it comes to paying for your double glazing. The most popular option is a financing package. Installers know that purchasing double glazing can be quite expensive for most people, and this is why they tend to offer some type of financing. This gives you the chance of spreading the cost over a term that you agree with the company.

If they have not provided their financing options on their site, then consider calling them and asking.

These times are uncertain, and this is why you should call the double-glazing company and see the type of payment arrangements they can provide. This way, the cost is going to be spread out, which reduces the upfront risk. This gives you a little more flexibility during these uncertain times.