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Make the office your second home. Company leaders often express this to their employees, so they feel comfortable to work in the office.

Employee spent their time every day in the office. They will work hard to realize their personal dream and also the company’s goal.

Therefore, companies need to design and decorate their offices as comfortable as possible so that employees feel happy to work. This can make work productivity increase.

Then, how to decorate the office to look professional but still comfortable? Here are the tips:

Not everyone has a large office space. there are several ways to decorate a narrow office to look professional:

1. First impressions are very important

For you and employees who come to the office every day, of course, you will be very familiar with the atmosphere of the office. However, it would be best if you thought about the office atmosphere from the perspective of an outsider or a guest.

Try to answer the following questions:

• What will people think when they first enter your office?

• Does the atmosphere, design, and decoration of the office look professional to guests?

• What will be felt by the guest when entering the room?

Try to design and decorate the office by answering all the questions above. Especially for the lobby of the office, which will later be visited by many guests.

2. Furniture selection

Choose the right furniture.  Choose furniture that is comfortable and has an attractive design. That way, the professional atmosphere of the office will be built automatically.

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3. Color

Use colors that match the company identity. For example, if you are a company that has a green and white logo, then highlight those colors in your office. That way, guests who come will feel the professional atmosphere of your office.