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What is Data Analytics: Data Analytics, also known as Data Analysis, is the strategized extraction of business-to-consumer data in both qualitative and quantitative processes to identify trends, both current and future, as well as new opportunities to determine the best decisions for the business which alter according to organizational needs and requirements. Cost accounting, which is sometimes also referred to as cost method of accounting, involves forecasting the per unit cost of a good or service. Unlike an established company, one mistake can cost its future so having a data scientist on board is the key to being able to gather and analyses data from multiple channels to mitigate risk and improve decision making.

While, investors and creditors rely upon financial statements for taking decisions related to investing in the company, insiders like the management use managerial reports to review performance, and base their decisions, related to execution and control, on forecasted data.

Time is one of the most important of factors, when analyzing any system, which includes the financial management of a business. Generally, a business will maintain an account for every customer and show the deferred revenue as balance on that account. Older business analytics companies gathered data now available through enterprise software databases, presenting it to executives to develop a business strategy.

The sustenance provided by the principle of going concern in accounting, allows for the concepts of depreciation to be brought into the picture, which takes the progressively changing value of an asset into consideration over a period of time, instead of its immediate liquidation value being analytics

Then the consultants should come up with a foolproof marketing plan, that should also provide complete information on how to start, operate, grow, and manage the Internet marketing business. A knowledge of the assets and liabilities of a company is essential for all potential investors, as it conveys to them the financial performance till date and financial strength of the company.