Don’t scared to use Natural Stone Walls at Home

Homeowners should at least once trying to have a natural stone wall at home. There are several advantages to having a wall like this.

When choosing the material used to cover the surface of the house there are many choices for it. Usually, people only choose the mixture of cement and paint. This is the most common choice.

Another option is to install wallpaper for the interior. Especially since wallpaper has many variations. There also some that choose to install ceramics.

There is another option, grey stone tiles. This material can make the atmosphere in the house seem more natural. As for the exterior, natural stone material has several advantages.

If you choose cement and paint, of course, it’s fairly cheap. Likewise with installing ceramics and wallpaper. While installing natural stone as a wall covering is certainly more expensive.

However, there is no harm in having natural stone walls if you want the house to look cooler. Also, it makes homeowners investing in the future. Natural stone walls can increase the value of selling a home.

Types of Stones That Can Be Used For Walls

Natural stone walls also have several advantages such as suitable for various types of interior designs such as traditional, minimalist, rustic, Mediterranean, and others.

Several stones can be used to coat walls such as marble, andesite, slate, granite, palimanan stone, limestone, coral, coral, and others.

Each stone has a different color and texture, but all of them still provide an attractive aesthetic for occupancy.

The Advantages of Using Stone Materials as Wallcoverings

Natural stone is expensive, but if you have natural stone walls there are several advantages compared to other materials. What are the benefits of natural stone?

First, natural stone is of course weather-resistant. When comparing natural stone material with cement and paint or ceramics. One of the rocks known to be weather resistant is andesite.

This stone also has another advantage, it is free of mold and mildew. You as a homeowner do not have to worry about cleaning the walls often.

Second, natural stone can give a fresh impression. Natural stone can not only be applied to the exterior of the house, but also the interior of the house.

You can install natural stone like granite to cover the bathroom walls. Different impressions will appear with the presence of natural stone in the bathroom.

Third, natural stone can present a natural appearance. As a material from nature, of course, stone displays a natural impression.

Try it when natural stone material is installed in the park. The atmosphere of the garden full of plants will be better than before.

Fourth, natural stone can display the impression of elegance and luxury. There is a natural stone material that can be installed in the kitchen, namely marble.

Marble can be installed for a kitchen and top layer of a kitchen set. This marble material will present a luxurious kitchen appearance.