Get to Know Outdoor Decking Made of Wood

Many residential or office floors are made of wood. In fact, not only in the indoor area, but many outdoor areas also use wood for floor coverings. Wooden floors for outdoor or outdoor decking can add aesthetic value to the home page. Outdoor decking can be used for a yard, balcony, or outside your home.

The use of wood material as a material for outdoor decking flooring can give a very strong natural impression. This material is very suitable to be combined with various shades of natural nuances, for example, natural stone, wooden furniture finished with natural colors, marble or a floral garden.

However, not all types of wood can be used for this outdoor decking. We recommend that you choose the wood that is durable, resistant to all weather, and resistant to fungal and insect attacks. You need to be observant in choosing the type of wood that will be used for these needs. You can use pressure washing service from C&S Property Management for cleaning and maintaining it.

Advantages of Using Wooden Outdoor Decking

What are the advantages of using wood for outdoor decking? Here are some of the advantages of wood decking:

  • A more natural appearance

A house with wooden floor coverings will certainly look more elegant, luxurious, and naturalist. Wooden floors are also flexible with any home style

  • Has a good effect on health

Because basically, the wood floor is wood itself, it can absorb heat and then store it for a while, so the wood surface becomes warmer.

  • Good level of durability and durability

With good care and proper, wooden floors can last up to 20 years. One good way of maintenance is by re-coating or repainting it every 3 months.

  • Long term investment

Besides being able to increase the aesthetic value of a building or property, wooden floors can also be called a long-term investment because they can also increase the selling value of a property. The selling price will certainly be different from the price when you first bought it.

  • Pretty Easy Maintenance

Cleaning the surface of wooden floors is not as difficult as imagined, it is enough to use a vacuum cleaner and a downy broom to clean the house or dirt that has accumulated.