How to Create a Perfect CV?

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Making a curriculum vitae might seem easy, but it doesn’t have to be. It is not only about listing your diplomas, your experiences and skills. The document should reflect your personality and show that you are unique as a candidate. The following tips will help you create a perfect CV.

Go for a Flawless Layout

To create a perfect cv, you need to make it attractive and elegant at first. But be careful because it is better to bet on sobriety rather than making a too fancy resume. Recruiters have their bearings and always look at a CV from top to bottom from top to the left. We advise you to keep one or two colors and a reading direction from top to bottom by respecting the ordering of your information in an anti-chronological way. What interests the recruiter is your latest experiences and not the other way around! All the details are important and must be consistent: font, line breaks, spaces, capital letters, bolding, underlining, punctuation, bullets, etc. You can use an online CV generator for your convenience. Also be very careful with the spelling.

Write a Perfect Content

Let’s start with the photo! Although it is not mandatory, it helps to humanize and personalize the document. In addition, it gives the recruiter a visual marker that should allow them to better remember your application. Be careful, however, to avoid taking a photo of your Facebook or Instagram account, or a picture with a Snapchat filter. Also avoid selfies and holiday photos. A good quality photo that is framed at the shoulders will do the trick.

Then complete the mandatory contact section. Indicate your name, first name, date of birth, your postal address, your email address and your telephone number. If you have the driving license, mention it there. You can add your LinkedIn profile or even a link to your portfolio or website if you have one. Consider adding a title. This can be your job or the name of your training if you are looking for an internship. The title allows the recruiter to quickly identify your search and classify your application in the right place. We also recommend that you add a catchphrase to this title.

The next step is to complete the work experience section. If you are a student or a recent graduate, highlight your internships, your work-study program and your seasonal jobs. If you are experienced, then bring out your most significant experiences and in line with the position sought.