How To Do A Bake Sale At School

Charities have been put on the back burner whilst everyone has been dealing with Covid and lockdown so it’s only right that we do what we can to help now. Having a bake sale at school is just one great way to make some money for charity, it’s fun and let’s face it, everyone loves cake and biscuits. In this article, we will give you some top tips for hosting a charity bake sale.

Think About Time and Location

Firstly it is important to decide where you are going to do the bake sale and at what times. If you are doing this in this school then go for somewhere that has the largest footfall, so possibly near the canteen or the play area. When you are thinking about the time to do it, there’s no point in doing it when people are in class. Do it when there’s a break involved, or when people are going to their next class.

Recruit Your Staff In Advance

Not everyone knows how to bake but they for sure know someone who can. If you have friends who can help at the store and have others for baking, this splits everything up to make things easier.

Make Posters, Flyers and A Letter To Parents

You should make some flyers and posters to advertise in your school. Yes, it’s an old fashioned method but it’s a great way to get people excited. If your school has an interweb, then it can also be put on this. Just so the parents know what is going on, send them a letter encouraging them to bring their favourite biscuit selection to sell at the bake sale.

Establish Your Pricing Before The Sale

A bake sale shouldn’t be stressful or complicated so it is best to establish your pricing before the sale so nobody under or overcharges for certain bakery products. It is best to have a few different price points like 50p, £1, £3 and £5 and then get your providers to package for these price points. For example, a fairy cake will be £1 etc. Alternatively, you can wipe that under the bridge and get customers to pay what they want but this is not wise when in a school.

Don’t Forget The Vegans

Vegans always miss out on the delicious treats when it comes to bake sales. Don’t be that store that doesn’t have anything to offer them. They have the strength to say no to animal products, but they certainly don’t have the willpower when it comes to vegan chocolate cake.

Boost Sales With Bonus Items

Think outside the box, why not add some novelty cakes in jars or savoury snacks like pies etc. This is a great way to get people to get their lunch. You could even look at having a sale after school for the parents and have things like bread to sell. This will encourage children to get their parents to buy some more treats and snacks.