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While you spend your days working diligently at your craft, imagine the relaxing in the lush green grass that makes up Central Park. Forget the grass, but consider strolling through the circuitous sidewalks that are almost always covered in the foliage of the most majestic autumn colours. The image is one many New Yorkers think about as the hustle and bustle of the workday overcomes them.

What if it was possible to do just that – on your breaks? Granted, office space around New York Central is probably ridiculously overpriced making it impossible to afford the leases in a conventional office and anything short of setting up a pop-up office in one of the greens is still expensive. However, Servcorp’s US coworking space in New York Central and similar coworking spaces can get you close enough to the Park without the expense.

Continue reading to learn about how to find that perfect office that sits off the Financial District or FiDi as it has come to be known.

Do Not Be Intimidated By Location

Affordable office space in Manhattan is impossible to come by, but the coworking space is one way to gain access to locations that used to be the haven conglomerates and other corporations that could afford the expensive price tag. Coworking space leases can place your business in some high-profile locations in and around the city. One World Trade Centre is just one of the high-profile locations where businesses can set up in FiDi. This is just one place where businesses can find themselves located, as this area is a pretty large one featuring spaces for just about every business type.

Look At All Of Your Options

When looking for office space, consider all of the available options to you. In this area, you can find coworking spaces that cater to very sophisticated businesses, and then there are about a dozen free coworking spaces that dot the landscape. The typical space provides businesses with the internet connection and office amenities but the prices can get pretty expensive the more features that are included in the plan. Free spaces, alternatively, typically get you a Wi-Fi connection and space to work. For a business looking for workspace, Manhattan and Central Park have a number of places from which to pick that run the gamut from very affordable to free public spaces.

Give Potential Spaces A Try-Out

Some spaces are agreeable and will allow a test run, so if possible, sit in the space before deciding on it. By testing the space for a morning or afternoon, businesses get the opportunity to see how professionals work in the space. At peak times, the office can get hectic and a light buzz might envelop the air, and if this is a distraction, it might be great to know before signing a lease.

Additionally, take a glance at the events calendar. Once again, some spaces make a concerted effort to galvanise the community and provide businesses with an outlet for connecting to other professionals. Providing professionals with a sense of community is important because this community ultimately can help businesses build connections, which present them with opportunities to collaborate. Ultimately, all of this translates into raising your business’s profile.

Coworking New York Central

Professionals can actually enjoy a walk in the park in between breaks from their coworking space. These offices are not only in close proximity to one of the world’s most filmed parks. but they also place you smack dab in the middle of a robust city economy. With FiDi as your location and 1 WTC as one of its most famous landmarks, your business can reach the heights only dreamed out in rags to riches lore.