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Ice cream is a dessert that is loved by many people. In fact, ice cream has various variants and flavors that can pamper your taste buds. The basic ingredients for ice cream are made from milk which is processed in such a way with the addition of a variety of flavors.

The history of ice cream has been around since ancient Rome for serving party dishes. The delicious taste makes this dish continue to develop from time to time. Now you can order ice cream online at Brothers Desserts. That way you don’t have to bother going to the supermarket when you want to eat ice cream.

Unfortunately, ice cream does not last long outside the refrigerator. If left a little bit the ice cream will melt. So that your ice cream doesn’t melt easily during a power off or when your cooler is not working, here are tips for preserving ice cream.

Use a light-colored container

So that the ice cream that you store can last a long time, store the ice cream in a light-colored container. This is because a bright container will absorb a little heat, making the ice cream more durable and last longer. As long as it is not exposed to the sun directly. A cooler or ice bucket made of nylon or Styrofoam will keep the ice cream cold for as long. Avoid coolers from metal buckets, as they absorb heat and make the ice cream melt quickly.

Cover with aluminum

The aluminum surface serves to reflect light. This serves to keep the ice cream from melting quickly. Store the ice cream in a bright container and cover it with aluminum.

Wrap the container in a towel

If you do not have a cooler that is good enough to store ice cream. You can put the ice cream in a clear container wrapped in a clean towel.

Make use of dry ice

If you want to store ice cream, take advantage of dry ice. Sprinkle dry ice around the ice cream. Put the ice cream in a special container, so that the ice cream can last longer. Make sure that the air around the ice cream is not too hot.

Add salt

One natural way to keep ice cream last longer is to use salt. Sprinkle salt over the top of the ice cream. To keep the ice cream last longer.

The best temperature for ice cream to enjoy is around -13°C to -11°C. To maintain a soft texture, ice cream should be stored at temperatures between -17.78°C to -23.33°C. The ice cream will remain stable indefinitely and will not break ice crystals if the ice cream is stored at temperatures below -25°C.