The rainy season that has arrived has a tremendous impact. Starting from the floods and diseases, until the houses that leaked. To prepare before the rainy season, you need to check the condition of the roof of the house so that it does not leak when the rainy season arrives. The roof is one of the most important parts of a residential building. For that, if there is a leak on your roof, immediately contact Southern Cross Roofing at 02 9477 7961. Southern Cross Roofing is a roof tilers Sydney repair company that has more than decades of experience in roof replacement, roof repair, and others.

Then how to deal with a leaky roof?

The first thing that must be done is to do regular checks on the roof of your house. Even in the dry season, you must know the condition of your roof. Routine checking can be started by cleaning the roof of sand deposition dirt, and moss that can trigger cracks and on the roof. Clean the gutter from rubbish and other impurities, so that the flow of water when it rains is not blocked. After that, do not forget to check each position of the tile, if there is a tile that goes down or shifted, then fix it back to its original position. Do not let rain and wind enter through the gap in the tile. You are also required to check the construction of tiles that made of wood to check whether is it still good or needs to be replaced.

If a leak has occurred, there are tricks to quickly deal with it. First, you certainly have to check which part of the roof is leaking. This job is not as easy as one might imagine. Sometimes the place where water drops fall on the floor does not necessarily indicate where the source of the leak is. Check it during the day, and turn off the electricity. If you have met the source of the leak, then you have to fix it immediately.

If your roof is made of concrete, asbestos, or shingles, you can patch it with waterproof. If a leak occurs in the concrete chin, you can coat the part that is suspected of causing the leak with cement. But if the cause of the leak is due to the tile being shifted, then what needs to be done is to improve its position. If it breaks, you have to replace it with a new tile. Do not forget to repair the ceiling that is damaged due to leaky water. Do not let the ceiling moist, because it can cause more fatal damage, for example, causing the ceiling to collapse. To reduce heat absorption and reduce damage due to rainwater, aluminum foil with a size of 1-2 mm can be used as a coating between the ceiling and tile.