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Around 76% of shoppers make a decision regarding their purchase whilst they are in store. This highlights just how important the right store design is and the impact this can have on your sales volumes. With more and more customers turning to digital avenues when shopping, this means that capturing the attention of those shoppers who do come to your store is more vital than ever before.

A good store layout welcomes customers when you may not be able to and it can vastly increase your sales figures. Adapting your store to your customer’s shopping and browsing habits only paves the way for more sales and, if you can design to the perfect layout, then you can keep your customers coming back as loyal shoppers. A successful store layout is one which guides customers effortlessly through your store, encouraging them to purchase what it is they are looking for, as well as potentially a few additional items. Let’s take a look at just some of the ways in which your store layout can affect sales.

Choosing The Right Store Design

There are different types of store layouts which retailers can use, with some more common than others. They are chosen and carefully planned according to the size of the store, inventory kept within the store at the consumer level, plus the actual products sold. It’s important to ensure that customers are guided through the store, rather than simply wandering through the store aimlessly.

Grid Store Layout

A grid layout is used to maximise each wall and corner within your store. Apple is an example of a store that uses a grid layout, showcasing products in a way that guides shoppers through the store. With a grid store layout, it’s important to make sure that all space is being used in a way which doesn’t feel crowded for the shopper.

Racetrack Layout

A racetrack layout creates a continuous flow for customers to follow, with them ultimately ending up where they began within the store. This type of layout is typically used for stores that have a smaller amount of floor space, but still want to ensure that customers walk past most, if not all, of their products. This design provides maximum efficiency, whilst ensuring customers loop around the store.

Free Flow Layout

A free flow layout is one of the more creative store layouts that can be used in a store. There are no guides in terms of structure with this layout, meaning that stores can use their creativity to showcase products to their customers. Uniqlo uses a free flow layout, targeted to the younger audience demographic they attract.

Utilise Focal Points

Something known as the “invariant right” concept suggests that, when people walk into a store, they automatically turn to their right. Some believe that this is related to the side of the road on which they drive, meaning that it could be something that changes from country to country. But, no matter the reasoning, you may notice that within large stores, their main window display is always displayed to the right of the doors, or focal products are displayed on the right as you walk into the store. Using this within your store design can naturally pull shoppers into the store and focus on selected products.

Place Impulse Items Near The Checkout

When customers have products in their hands, their intent to buy is at its highest. Many stores know this, so will place smaller, lesser-value items towards the checkout for shoppers to pick up on their way to purchase. Whilst this doesn’t increase the cost of the overall purchase much for the customer, this can considerably increase a store’s daily takings when done throughout the day by numerous customers.

How your store is laid out has a huge influence on the way in which your customers shop. A successful shop layout must smoothly guide customers throughout the store, whilst encouraging browsing and purchases, without the feeling of being overwhelmed. If you need help with your store layout, then you may wish to contact a commercial fit out company that can help with the redesign and concept of your store.