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In the United States, insurance plays an important role in people’s lives since people use it to pay for medical bills, protect their property and to pay for unexpected expenses. The most important point to be noted is that a broker can independently run a business, while an agent can’t. Many stock brokers are agents of mutual fund companies and do the job of explaining the advantages of various mutual funds in the market. A commercial broker is almost like a real estate agent that helps in bridging the gap between two or more parties that are interested in buying and selling a business unit or a property.

Similar to a customer service agent, this simply requires you to respond to customer emails from your computer. The job description of a stock broker suggests that there is a great opportunity for deserving candidates to make a good career in this field. Licensed bail bond agents can start posting bonds that are well within the limits of their surety licenses.

This field is also a kind of social service to the country and its people, since you are protecting it against crime and communal violence. To reach the people and potential customers, they need representatives, who can convince the public, about the soundness and utility of their insurance policies and sell it to them.

With businesses globalizing worldwide, the market for cost-efficient and customized transportation solutions is growing rapidly and freight brokers who can fulfill this demand, stand to make big bucks. What matters in this field, is developing contacts with people and effectively convincing them of the benefits of buying an insurance.agent jobs

Agents can find gainful employment with brokering firms, and insurance companies. Though there is enough brainstorming done by people at higher levels, it is the agent who actually sells insurance and brings profit to the company. 1. The first step in getting a work at home customer service job is to understand the type of employment that you will be applying for.