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A company wants to launch a new product in the market, what does it need other than a great product is the data to back its every decision, to make the product successful and profitable in the market. There is also the involvement of IT. The technological infrastructure and the tools need to be in a position to handle the business needs as well as the data analytics process to maximize effectiveness. Pay on page placement is a cost-effective marketing strategy, where you can approach an advertising company for marketing your product.

The reduction of these expenses during troubled times in order to keep up with the cut-throat competition is a crucial responsibility that the management team needs to undertake. Assuming the accounting period followed by ABC & Sons to be 1st April to 31st March, the entire amount of USD 30,000 will be recorded as revenue for the accounting period of April 2010 – March 2011, since it is earned on 25 January 2011.

When it comes to analytics training, it is important to appreciate that there isn’t a single approach that fits each and every company. The single objective of Big Data analytics is to come to an informed business decision so that company can increase its profit.

Even if the company has increasing sales for a period of say, two years, the rise or drop in the profit margin is what they should really be looking at. This will provide an accurate indication of improvement in their operations and profitability. For example: if analysis reveals that many customers have churned from a particular area last month and further investigation has identified that there are frequent call drops (disruptions in service) in that exchange (or BTS area).

Be it during the times of economic recession or in a good-going financial stability, companies today are giving significant importance to cost cutting. When it comes to understanding business analytics, it is a program that teaches you to refer to technologies and skills that are able to explore the past performance in business so that you can make better and informed decisions.