pay attention When Buying Car Tire

Car tires have indeed become one of the vital components to support travel. Car tires can support the overall weight of the car and hold the load. Car tires also function for shock absorbers. Not only that, but the tire is also a successor to engine power, braking power, and steering wheel control.

Like other components of the car, car tires also have a life. When the tires look thin, these are signs that the car tires must be replaced immediately. If it is not replaced, of course, it will affect safety while traveling. For example, when heavy rain occurs, if the tires are bald, then the water can make the tires slip. Cars with high risk of slipping which can cause accidents. It’s a good idea to start checking your car tires now and make a replacement at In changing a tire, don’t forget to consider the things below.

Check the shape of the tire tread

Car tires, of course, have different tire tread grooves depending on the manufacturer and also the purpose of the tire design. Tires with “V” grooves are recommended for long trips in all weather conditions.

Read Tire Production Date

When buying a car tire, make sure that you buy a tire that is no more than 1 year from the date of production. This is to ensure that the tires are in good condition. Rubber will eventually become brittle if exposed to a lot of outside air. Choosing a tire that less than one year from the date of production can minimize the risk of a rubber tire being damaged.

Understand Tire Profiles

Tires also have various types of profiles consisting of the width and height of the tire. This is stated in the codes printed on the outside of the tire. For example, the tire code is 180 55 R15. These figures indicate that the width of the tire is 180 mm and the height of the tire is 55{9ec904ef8f98d3597d54693c99adbf6f29c2d089a88a96b93ba2dceed0b98385} of the width of the tire. It can be concluded that the tire has a width of 180 mm and a height of 99 mm.

If the tire profile is too short, the risk of the tire or wheel being damaged will be even greater when going through potholes. This is not suitable if used to travel far and out of town. We recommend choosing a tire height greater than 50{9ec904ef8f98d3597d54693c99adbf6f29c2d089a88a96b93ba2dceed0b98385} to minimize tire and wheel damage during the trip