Reasons Pet Sitters are Better Than Kennels

Leaving your cats or dogs behind when going on a vacation is tough for many people, and it can be heartbreaking putting them in a kennel.

  1. We are a Local Company Trusted by Many Pet Owners

When looking for a pet sitting service, many people will ask themselves “who are these people?” and “can I trust them to take good care of my cat or dog when I am away?” This is the main reason why we decided to start a pet sitting business. We couldn’t find anyone that we trusted to take care of the pets when we were away. It is hard to find someone you are comfortable enough to leave your pets with them, and we know this. We know what you are going through, and as a local married couple who don’t smoke or drink, and we have never even once missed a visit for pet sitting and dog walking. When you leave your pets with us, you can relax knowing we are going to take care of them. They are going to be loved and looked after.

2. Boarding Can Be a Traumatic Experience For Some Pets

Rescue pets tend to be more prone to separation anxiety; when you leave them in a kennel with other dogs, it can bring back old memories of being in shelter abandonment. You will need to find a good pet sitter if you cannot take your pet along. Pets get stressed by boarding even if they are non-rescue – you would freak out too if you were to be put in a trapped stall with other barking dogs. Boarding facilities and kennels promise to provide quality playtime or dog walking, but it is not going to be the same as having one-on-one attention. When you hire pet sitters, your pets will be taken care of in the home, which minimises stress.

3. You Don’t Know What You are Going to Get When You Hire a Friend

Will your friend take their time to find your cat when hiding? Are they going to engage with your pet? Are they going to put some food for your pet and then go relax on the couch watching TV for 20 minutes? When working with a professional sitter, you will get the chance of discussing issues like how often they are going to visit your home, how long they are going to stay, and what you can expect from them. Apart from ensuring your pet gets the basics (cleaning the litter box and feeding), a pet sitter will get a good look at your cat to see if there are any signs of stress, injuries, or behaviour red-flags.

4. Change of Environment is Tough on Pets

Boarding kennels provide all the things your dog needs – bathroom breaks, walks, meals, and playtime. The only problem is that they have to do it on their schedules. There are pets that prefer the consistency of a daily routine. An inevitability of routine is going to benefit pets with anxiety, puppies, and senior dogs.

5. Peace of Mind

The last thing you want when you are on a vacation is to sit worrying about your pet. When you hire a pet sitter, you relive your friends and family of responsibility. Although your friend promised to let the dog out at 4, did she? You don’t have to worry when working with pet sitters because they are reliable and punctual because their jobs depend on it. Boarding kennels can do the job, but they are doing it on their own term and time.

6. Getting Photos on Every Visit

Whether you choose three or four visits daily, the pet sitter is going to send you photos from each visit. This lets you know everything is fine.