The Benefits and Drawbacks of Self-Storage for Businesses

The average business owner has items that need to be stored. These items could include inventory, unused equipment, electronics, or even important files. Storage is an issue that many new businesses struggle with, and unfortunately, it tends to be a bigger issue as time goes on.

Renting a self-storage unit is an effective way for businesses to get the space they need. However, before contacting a local storage centre, it’s best to look at the advantages and disadvantages of business self-storage. That way, you can address your concerns and make an informed decision about how to proceed.

The Downside of Business Self-Storage

It Isn’t Always Easy to Find What You Need

Unless you’re naturally organised, you may struggle to locate the items you’ve stored. A self-storage unit is simply a room with 4 walls. Storage solutions like racking aren’t built-in. It’s possible to buy the equipment you need to stay organised, but a number of businesses opt to stack and label boxes. This usually isn’t a problem at first, but it can become an issue as time goes on. Businesses may be able to get around this by using an inventory system of some sort.

It Isn’t Possible to Store Everything

There are restrictions on what you can keep in a self-storage unit. As an example, live animals, perishable goods, and hazardous materials can’t be stored. You’ll also need to avoid storing plants, weapons, chemicals, and unregistered vehicles. While this won’t be a problem for all businesses, companies that need to store these types of items might have to search for other solutions.

It Can Be Costly

There are expenses associated with renting a self-storage unit. While rates are often very fair, it’s a cost that some businesses simply can’t afford. To add to that, you’ll pay more if you need more space. It’s important to keep in mind that although the cost of renting a storage unit can add up quickly, it’s typically far more affordable than renting office space.

The Benefits of Self-Storage for Businesses

We believe it’s best to wrap things up with a positive outlook, which is why we’d like to finish things off by discussing some of the advantages of business self-storage, such as:

There Are Numerous Types Available

There are many size options for self-storage units, which is great for businesses. When you visit storage centres, you’ll find numerous options, which means you’ll be able to select a unit with the right size and shape. The majority of centres, including our own self-storage centre in Farnborough, have units as small as a locker and spaces as large as a double garage, along with plenty of units that fall somewhere between those two sizes.

It Offers You Options

if your business needs a flexible storage solution, a self-storage unit can provide that. If you only need additional storage for a limited time window, it’s ideal. Contracts are generally handled week to week. You can maintain your storage unit for as long as you like, and you won’t need to give any notice when you leave.

It’s Easy to Access

If you want to be able to access the items you need with ease, self-storage is perfect. In some cases, you may even be able to access a storage unit at any time. Typically, you can enter a facility using an entry code or key you’ve been provided with. No one will be able to access your unit without your code or key. It’s standard for storage facilities to be open for long periods of time, and 24-hour access isn’t unusual.

Your Items Will Be Secure

There is built-in security at storage centres, which means you won’t have to worry about the items that you’re storing. Unique locks, CCTV, and controlled access are just a few of the security options available. There are even some storage centres that have security guards.