The Benefits of Organic Marketing for Your Business

The marketing industry is forever changing and evolving, creating thousands of different techniques and strategies to be integrated into a singular campaign. These strategies fit into two separate categories – paid marketing campaigns and organic marketing. While both strategies will benefit your business, which will be more beneficial is largely dependent on your marketing goals for the long term, time constraints and that all-important marketing budget.

Organic Marketing Strategies and Benefits

Authentic Audience Interaction and Engagement

Social media platforms have become bombarded with paid advertising and sponsorships. Consumers have quickly become aware of this, making the platforms the most effective means of delivering messages to an audience while being the most organic means of marketing available to businesses. Consumers are no longer connecting with brands or companies that do not feel “authentic”.

Organic marketing is basically any form of marketing that does not involve payment. The fact that a business isn’t paying for their messaging provides them with more credibility from social media audiences. In the long run, this organic form of marketing encourages audience interaction and engagement that is easily measurable.

For example, using the Insights function on your Facebook business account will show you exactly how many people interacted with your page or content within a specified time frame.

Cost-effective Organic Marketing

Many businesses have become caught up in the pay-per-click (PPC) phenomenon as a viable marketing strategy. While this strategy does pay off by putting your business, its products and services front and centre, it can be extremely costly. Organic marketing on the other hand is highly cost-effective and in most cases, entirely free. You aren’t paying for your marketing messages to appear on platforms but rather investing in quality content and other resources to attract views naturally. Your company will stay ahead of the competition while saving money on marketing.

Organic Marketing Is Not Homogenous

Visitors to your site all probably arrived there in a different way. They may have been referred by word-of-mouth or clicked on a link on a search engine results page or a paid advertisement. While there is no way of tracking word-of-mouth visitors, the other types can be tracked using Google Analytics. Google monitors their user behaviour constantly, allowing you to collect a whole variety of different analytical data that helps determine how long visitors remain on your site, the search criteria they are using, when they are searching and so on.

Keeping track of organic traffic to your start-up website or pages allows you to analyse their behaviour. You can use this analysis to determine what works best to attract visitors, keep them on your website for longer and increase online visibility.

Be Relatable

Genuine connections with people cannot be bought, no matter how much you pay. Rather, they are built on foundation of trust and experience that takes place over a period of time. Building a relationship with your followers through reliable and informative content will help you build a rapport with your audience, establishing your business as an authority within its industry.

Simply replying to comments, complaints and compliments can go a long way to creating two-way relationships with an audience, as can hosting contests or giveaways.

In Google We Trust

Did you know that the top Google Ad only gets 2 percent of clicks while the top organic search result receives 20 times that?

It is easy to see from those statistics that consumers don’t trust Ads, but they do place their trust in Google to deliver relevant and trustworthy results. Higher search engine rankings are therefore critical to increasing online visibility and attracting more visitors to your site. However, achieving those high rankings is no simple feat and takes time and a dedicated organic SEO (search engine optimisation strategy). It only takes a couple of minutes for an ad to be placed on Google.

Relevant Information Is Key to Boosting Web Traffic

Creating content that is unique, of high quality, informative, of value and relevant will be extremely beneficial to boost web traffic. Providing value to visitors through informative content that they care about will provide audience engagement in return.