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At the end of last year, Land Rover America informed one big news. Land Rover Defender will be revived in the form of a new generation. This model is planned to be marketed to the United States and the United Kingdom starting in 2020. Visitors at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show had the opportunity to premiere see this iconic car.

Land Rover, a British manufacturer, brought back the Classic Land Rover Defender which had stopped production in 2016. The sale of this Classic Defender is in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Land Rover. Land Rover introduces Defender Works V8 which will only be produced around 150 units. If you want to buy Land Rover Defender Works V8, you can buy it at Nene Overland

Defender Works V8 was launched with a choice of chassis 90 and 110. The car launched with eight color choices has up to 90 chassis. For those who still want to be different, the buyer of the Land Rover Defender Works V8 can choose the accessories, including changing the TDCi diesel engine, high-performance suspension and braking device.

Here, Defender still maintains its old design. The interior still uses a comfortable seat with a semi-bucket model from Recaro. This luxurious seat is design with special for passengers to be more comfortable.

The Land Rover Defender Works V8 carries a 5.0-liter engine which can produce around 400 HP and 515 Nm of torque, whereas the acceleration from 0 to 96 kilometers per hour is only taken in 5.6 seconds. With this engine, this car produces a maximum speed of 171 kilometers per hour. Land Rover provides several improvements to the suspension, braking system, and anti-roll bar to support stability.

Defender Works V8 is equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission ZF alert with sport mode. The braking device is also optimized as well as the control device, including springs, dampers, and anti-roll bars. This car also has sawtooth model 18-inch alloy wheels with alloy material and 265/65 R18 profile tires.

The re-launch of the Defender Works V8 is an opportunity to present the iconic Defender, which is well-loved and twin with Land Rover which was first exhibited to the public 70 years ago.