The Dangers of The Internet – And How to Overcome Them All

06/01/2019 0 Comments

The internet is supposed to make the entire world into a global village. The physical walls of locations aresupposedto be pulled down, giving rise to a community of peoplewhointeract with each other without having to ever be reminded of the differences.

The truth is, censorship, geo-blocking and a couple of other limitations have put that model out of place.

That is not the only major flaw with the current internet model though. Transparency is now a thing of the past and your information is not as safe anymore. Looking towards the future, now is the time to start making moves towards securing your internet data and taking back your privacy.

Understanding the problems

There was a time when you could just get onto the internet and use any service/ platform that you liked. After a while – especially the birth of the web 2.0 generation – things changed.

It would be almost impossible to use these internet services today without offering something in return.

We don’t give a lot of thought to theserequests most times since they are not asking us to pay. However, the cost of exchanging your personal information for access is simply too high for comfort.

The future is also as interesting as it is scary. One of the concepts that falls under such a canopy is Internet of Things.

With a dedication towards ensuring ordinary household items and appliances can be connected and operated remotely on an internet connection, that is a very laudableidea.

Things start being scary when you think of all thevulnerabilities that can bring. Hacking such an internetconnection could give athird-party personnel unfettered access to your homecamera feeds, printer documents, computer files and so much more.

Looking elsewhere, many people do not get to enjoy all the benefits which the internet brings. In countries like China, for example, you wouldn’t be able to use basic social medianetworks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter andInstagram. That is in addition to a myriad of other websites that have been blocked from the internal servers.

Elsewhere, the problem is not from the internal server blocks. It is from external sources where the content creators have ensured people from other countries/ regions don’t get access to certain content.

If you think this is a joke, check out Netflix and how they make certain shows for certain regions.

This wouldn’t be complete if we failed to touch up on free Wi-Fi. What was once a privilege has now turned out to be commonplace in many different locationstoday. You can walk into a coffee shop, airport lounge,restaurant, bar, park and any such public place, and you would be half expecting a free Wi-Fi network to greet you on the way in.

Even though it comes free, there is a premium to be paid when breaches and attacks occur – and no one is usually prepared for such a price.

Looking at all of these arguments, would it be wrong if we askedeveryone to stop using the internet altogether?

Solving the problems

To answer the question above, yes!

The internet is still a place of possibilities and endless connections.

We doubt if the world would be where it is today if not for the internet. Many people see the internet space to be a necessary evil. For us, we believe it doesn’t necessarily have to be evil.

There are a lot of ways through which you can get rid of all of the problems mentioned above and more. One fix which fits all the sizes, though, is the use of a VPN. These pieces of software are designed to:

  • Route your internet traffic throughsecureservers, thus masking them from outside interference
  • Anonymizing your internet traffic such that they cannot be mapped back to you or your computer
  • Changing your IP address toallow you access content which mighthave been blocked or limited on your location’s servers
  • Giving you access to content that might have been restricted from your server location, and so much more.

Wrap Up

If you haven’t used a VPN before, now is the time to get started. To get the best experience, look for VPN deals from reputable software companies and buy into them.

By the time you have a taste, you would have yourself to thank for it. Now, you get to take back all your internet privacy and stay on top of everything.