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Running a business can be a tricky affair. It is termed to be a liability, because, in the event that the terms of the sales contract or service contract are not met, the company may have to refund the money, back to the customers. The roles that come under the domain of Big Data often share blurry borders with data analytics, but the role of data analysts remains primarily to assist the company to make decisions that affect their revenue directly.

Over two different financial years can also be compared to see how well they have grown in that time period. By employing the purpose of accounting and this process of financial management, businesses are able to determine if they are earning profits or going in analytics

Data management is the foundation for a business analysis. Simplify storage management Business Analytics software enables you to know where all your storage assets are, how they are performing and their utilization. Accounting is not just something that is done only by business organizations.

1 FASB – Financial Accounting Standards Board (an organization which looks after the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) by non-governmental organizations. They provide information management & BI solutions as a platform for making decisions and managing organizational changes wisely and analytics

There are several business schools and universities that offer a master’s program in digital marketing or master’s in marketing with a concentration on digital media. The responsibilities include accounting and auditing as the information generated by them is accepted by clients, employers, governments, investors, credit grantors, and the business and financial community.