Things that You Need to Know About Syringe Pump

Many types of health devices will make it easier and make treatment more effective and efficient. One of the things that makes it very easy is the syringe pump. This device is widely used and even learned by medical expertise to make it work maximally and minimize the occurrence of errors.

A syringe pump is a medical device used to enter the medication regularly automatically regularly. With the right calculation, the syringe pump can make it easier for the medical expertise to provide liquid or medication on schedule and to minimize human errors that occur.

As already mentioned above, the syringe pump is a very useful device in the medical world. This is because the function of the syringe pump makes the work to put fluid and medication can do effectively, especially fluids and drugs that are given repeatedly. With the presence of TECDIS, the installation of the syringe pump can do easily. TECDIS is a specialist logistics company that you can trust to complete the work of the delivery installation specialist. The Function of Syringe Pump

This device has been developed very well so that it can work with very high accuracy and can be used with very easy control. This device is controlled by a microcomputer that can control the entry of fluids into the patient’s body following the commands given in a controlled manner. Every critical point has an alarm system to notify the medical personnel when an error occurs because of the work error and so on.

Here are the functions of the syringe pump:

1. As a device used to enter drugs and fluids with a high level of accuracy in the body of the patient.

2. As a tool that can be used continuously according to the rules and provide the effect of the drug level which is lowest or highest because it is done accurately and accurately.

3. As an effective means to enter the drug, especially patients who have difficulty getting medicine in the form of tablets or capsules.

The basic principle of the syringe pump is to put the liquid at the same time regularly as the command is given by the control system and very good safety because it is completed with an alarm system that is sensitive in the critical point so it will not endanger the emergency of the patients when the work error occurs. The alarm installed on the syringe pump is as follows:

1. Alarm for compression

This one alarm will sound if a part of the syringe pump is experiencing compression. The compression can be caused by many things. An alarm can sound due to excessive pressure on the pump. This alarm sensor will simultaneously turn off or stop the pumping action if the plug is blocked.

2. Alarm for the amount of liquid entering

In consuming drugs, of course, there are certain rules and limits. This is so that patients can consume medication with the right dose and not excessive. The syringe pump will provide convenience because there will be an alarm that informs you that the medicine and the drugs are put up to the limit or are all within the specified limits. If the limit is reached, then, the pump will automatically stop and the alarm will sound like if.

3. The alarm to notify the liquid is almost out

Besides, to know that there is a compression and reach or the limits of liquids or drugs, this tool is also complete with an alarm informing you that the liquid is almost out. This is to prevent the run out of the liquid or drugs, the medication should be brought in continuously.