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Planning a vacation abroad and spending some time there, you certainly have to prepare everything well. In contrast to holidays in the country, vacation abroad will require more complex preparation, considering this trip will require a number of supporting documents that must be carried as a condition of this trip.

In addition to the passport and others, the visa is one of the mandatory requirements that must be completed before vacationing abroad. On this trip, you will need a tourist visa which is specifically issued to tourists who want to visit other countries that are their chosen tourist destinations.

When and Where to Take Visa?

You can arrange a visa at Hermis & Associates, with Hermis & Associates you can process visas quickly, it usually takes at least 2 weeks to process, by using the services of Hermis & Associates you can arrange a visa faster. So it’s important to arrange a visa at Hermis & Associates from the start. During holidays, it might be a longer time. However, even so, the visa also has a validity period, so you must look carefully at the travel dates that have been set in advance.

Do not let you take care of a visa, but you cannot leave because you experience problems in ticket problems and others. Make the time lag you will need to complete this visa business with the date of departure, at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance, so that you have enough time to take care of other things for the trip.

Apart from this, there is no guarantee that the visa will be approved by the authorities for certain reasons. Such obstacles are very likely to occur and you must anticipate them from the start. Avoid buying airplane tickets and other accommodations before getting the visa you need for the trip. This will help avoid various losses, if at any time the visa is not approved.

You can do this visa application at the embassy or consulate of the destination country to be visited later. It is important to bring all the documents and requirements requested, so that the visa application process can run smoothly and smoothly.

Visa Application Documents and Conditions

When going to arrange a visa, you also need a number of documents and other requirements. It’s good to complete all of this from the start, so that the process of obtaining a visa does not need to be repeated, especially for those who live in the area and need a long time to arrive at the embassy. Not only saves time, but it also saves a lot of travel costs.

The following are some documents and conditions that must be met when applying for a tourist visa at the embassy:

1. Passport

Make sure you have your passport before applying for a visa, because this document is one of the main requirements in applying for a visa. Don’t forget to look at the validity period of the passport, considering that the trip will still be done in the future. It would be very troublesome if it turns out that at the time of departure, you will actually have problems due to the passport that has expired. Or, it is likely that the passport application will be refused due to the validity period of the passport which will soon end like this.

Usually, the passport validity period is at least 6 months before traveling. That is, if the passport validity period has been less than that time when applying for a visa, then it is likely that the visa application must be repeated or even rejected. It would be better to do a passport extension first, if the passport validity period will expire in the next few months.

To arrange a visa.

2. Visa Application Form

The next step you have to do is fill out the visa application form. This can be done online, where you get this form on each official website of the embassy of the destination country. You can easily get an online form there, then fill it out carefully. If it has been filled well, then you can print the form.

Be sure to fill all data correctly and carefully, because this will affect the visa application process that you do. Filling data online will make it easier for you, because writing errors can be avoided.

3. Photo

You will also need several pieces of photographs for the needs of this visa application. The amount and size and other provisions will vary depending on the policies of each embassy. Know this information from the start through the official embassy website in question, so you can provide the right and appropriate photo pass.

As for the photos needed for various official documents, this photo must also meet the standard requirements, such as: the facial features are clear, the ears appear, the photos are bright, and others. To be safer, use the services of a professional photographer.

Prepare well and mature

Traveling abroad will require more complex preparation, including travel visa applications. Prepare this well from the start, so that the trip becomes smooth. Complete all documents and requirements requested, so that a visa application can take place easily and quickly.