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It would be great if you had to choose and decide to use a wedding theme. Sometiems, when couple feels too happy with all the concepts of marriage, they can feel pressured to choose the theme to use at the wedding that will not disappoint the family and guests who come. Well, therefore consider this article to find out some wedding themes to be your inspiration.

1. Rustic Theme

If you are on budget but still want a wedding that will amaze your family and relatives, use this rustic theme. Rustic theme is a theme which based on your creativity in decorating it. Rustic itself can be interpreted as rural, informal and simple. Even though it only has a ‘rural’ theme, this theme can really make you and the invited guests feel warm and friendly.

2. Garden Theme

Even though you have used and rented a hotel ballroom for your wedding, it is possible for you to be creative in making it a garden-themed event. With this theme, the color must be green with some floral ornaments to enhance the overall theme. Although this theme is titled as ‘garden’ this theme does not require you to do it outdoors. With this theme, your wedding will seem relaxed and informal but still beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

3. Vintage Theme

This theme is indeed very identical to the style of the past. Altough sounds old, people never feel bored to use it as an inspiration for the theme of marriage. The decorations that are used also certainly nuanced with things that existed in the past. For color choices, vintage theme usually dominated by brown, black and gray. In addition to the authentic impression, you can also add and use items that have been used by generations of your family before.