Top 5 great books for entrepreneurs

An important part of being an entrepreneur is increasing your intellectual knowledge; Therefore, before starting any project, you must learn and understand the vision of those who, at some point in their lives, started in the same conditions as you.

These visions and experiences will help you learn more about the environment you intend to enter, in addition to these, they will help you clear some clouds about what is the real project that will adapt to your needs and especially social realities. You can find a lot of new interesting book reading reviews about financial advisor companies.

Much of this journey or experience is written accurately in various books, which will allow you to increase your knowledge on this subject and, above all, will encourage you to continue on the path; the path of your new project and your future. Here are the top 5 books suitable for entrepreneurs recommended by

  • Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn – John C. Maxwell
  • Rich father, poor father – Robert Kiyosaki
  • The Art of Starting 2.0 – Guy Kawasaki
  • The Hero’s Plan – Daniel Vecino
  • The Art of War – Sun Tzu

1.  Sometimes you win, other times you learn

Motivation is a fundamental part of the entrepreneur and is perhaps one of the most necessary elements when starting any project; For this reason, it is necessary that at the beginning or during the project you are continuously motivated to be able to lead your company or business to a successful conclusion. Now, it may be that you are going through a complicated situation arising from a bad project or a failure.

For this situation, it is recommended to read the words of John C. Maxwell that motivate you to leave that bitter experience in the past, which you should appreciate only as learning without getting involved in a continuous reminder that prevents you from going beyond that subject. . In addition to contributing to storm resistance, this book offers some important life lessons that are true knowledge, especially when plans do not go according to plan.

2.  Rich father, poor father

I don’t think there is a more popular book than this one on entrepreneurship. Its millions and millions of sales make it very clear.

The main goal of the book is to make you find, develop and take advantage of the many skills you have and provide you with a foundation for a financial education that allows you to know how to make money.

Kiyosaki learns how to deal with people, how to criticize, how to like him, and always emphasizes the importance of financial education. Topics such as saving, investing, starting a business, and “putting money into action for you and not you” will help you know how to focus your investments and the prospect of your future business.

3.  The Art of Getting Started 2.0

Guy Kawasaki is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world. As a motivator, he has few rivals and his writing will captivate you from the beginning. The Art of Getting Started was a complete bestseller, and a decade later, in 2016, it released this new edition: “The Art of Getting Started 2.0: The Ultimate Guide to Starting Any Business in the 2.0 World.”

If you are thinking of setting up a star or digital company, this book can be your great ally. He has invaluable tips for shaping your ideas, starting and expanding your business. An easy book, easy to read for entrepreneurs.

4.  The Hero’s Plan

El Plan del Héroe is a Spanish book and less known than the rest of this compilation. This does not mean that it is worse than the rest, far from it it is more original and practical than many others on this list.

As described by Daniel Vecino himself on his website, this book is a handbook of fighting to find a winning strategy with your future business. Based on gamification and the weak world of startup, it guides you step by step to form your company from top to bottom.

5.  The Art of War

A classic. A book that talks about the company, unintentionally, and to which 2,600 years of antiquity do not pass even the slightest bill.

In The Art of War you will learn, through 100% military strategies, but applicable to entrepreneurship, to face conflicts and act to maximize your chances of winning in that conflict.

If you do, you will have to deal with hundreds of conflicts. Better to know how to them

If you know others and know yourself, you will not be in danger in a hundred battles; if you do not know others, but know yourself, you will lose one battle and win another; If you do not know others or yourself, you will be in danger in every fight.