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If you’re looking for a challenging and fun career, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration may be a great way to get started. For many, an MBA is a chance to polish their skills as they prepare to enter the exciting world of corporate management and some just love the intellectual stimulation and challenge that a degree like this offers. A bachelor’s of business administration program helps train students in these areas and more by teaching accounting, economics, human resources, information systems, business law, business ethics, and other subjects.

Through numerous courses that will include accounting, statistics, business planning, and more, students will confidently step into the professional industry ready and able to be a strong leader. After the Second World War and especially after 1960, Business Administration Schools began to grow rapidly.

After years of on the job training with minimal supervision in a time intensive environment, I am now prepared to move into project and program management. Your supervisor or boss will value and acknowledge you for the efforts you put into getting your business degree, and for the all the additional knowledge you will bring to the table in your career.

Don’t let you passion for management and business pass you by. Search out online colleges that offer accredited business administration programs that fit your schedule and career goals. Full time MBA – two years’ program where the student is expected to have a pre-decided percent of attendance in the college along with timely submissions of projects and administration

Administration skills combined with a “people’s” personality can make one an excellent human resources professional. Students will learn the fundamentals of business with course topics that include critical thinking, math skills, sales, management, and administration