Types of Kindergarten Schools for Children

When you want to send your child to Kindergarten schools, you may be confused, because there are various types of Kindergarten schools. Start from an international school, Montessori school, nature-based schools, and many more. What are the differences between these schools? What school suits your child? 

International Schools

International schools are different from public schools. This school was established by a foreign institution or brought by a foreign embassy. So, the curriculum teaches by the school will be different from public school.

The purpose of international schools was initially to accommodate children from abroad to have an excellent curriculum standard. However, it’s okay to put your child to enter an international school. Just prepare yourself if the curriculum is not the same as a public school.

For who?

The choice of toddler school will determine the school in the future. If you feel your child must enter college abroad, put your child in an international school to prepared. If you are looking for the International Primary School Bangkok, Patana School is the right choice.


Many believe that the learning method developed by the Italian psychiatrist, Maria Montessori, makes children more independent. According to Babycenter, there are five crucial points learned in schools that use this method:

1. Daily skills, for example, children are taught to prepare their food and drinks.

2. Sensory awareness, children are trained to use the five senses.

3. Language, children are encouraged to express themselves verbally, recognize letters, read, and write.

4. Mathematics, children are taught to add by hand or other objects.

5. Culture, children are introduced to the state (geography), animals, time, history, and art.


The HighScope program was developed based on the child’s need to be actively involved with people, objects, ideas, and events around. Your child will be encouraged to know their needs and interests so that they are free to choose their activities. Meanwhile, teachers will be trained to teach children to make decisions. This approach makes children grow with academic abilities, as well as emotional, physical, and creating social skills.


As the name implies, this school uses nature as a medium of learning. Your child will have a lot of outdoor activities to study. Studying outdoors aims to foster a sense of love for the environment so that children get used to caring with nature. Since the place to learn is outdoor, this school requires a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland that generally located in the suburbs.

Based on religion

Religious-based schools teach daily life based on religious teachings. Like studying, sacred textbooks, and everything that exists in this world as God’s creation.

Multiple Intelligences

According to Howard Gardner’s theory, every child has 8 bits of intelligence. Still, they will proceed to form the most dominant knowledge. Well, schools that use this method will help children to find their best ability. So that children know their expertise, both academic and non-academic.