Vacation with Children? Note This Before Booking a Hotel

Planning a trip with family is an activity that should be done. But sometimes you as young parents are confused about choosing a hotel that is suitable for children. Also, to make children have fun, child-friendly hotels can help when children have a bad mood. This time, we will give tips on choosing hotels for children!

The location of the tourist attractions will certainly determine the location of the hotel

Usually, children often ask “Are we going to arrive soon?”. This happened because of curiosity and eagerness to play at the tourist destinations that you have promised before.

Therefore, choose a hotel located close to the destinations. In addition to saving energy for going to recreation areas, children can save their energy during the trip. So, they don’t feel bored and tired on the way. You can stay at the Family Hotel Patong Novotel Vintage Park.

Children love games, Then you have to think about it

You can look for hotels that have facilities for children. For example playground. This area can be located inside the hotel or outside the hotel. If the playground is in a hotel room, it is usually made of plastic. But there also some hotels that provide a playground outside, even though it only consists of one swing.

Children are picky eater, look for hotels that provide special menus for children

Children often become a picky eater. This problem can also happen during vacation. Their mood can unstable if you insist on them to eat. Try to find a hotel that provides a special menu for children to restore their appetite.

You need to check the room before it is occupied, is there any balcony?

For the safety of your children, you must check the condition of the hotel room. If there is a balcony or terrace, then look again at the terrace, do you think it is safe for children? Don’t forget to check the height of the floor. If you want to be safer, choose the room on the first floor.

You need a mini kitchen to prepare the children’s needs

The trouble when traveling with children is preparing milk for them. With a mini kitchen, you can use it to prepare their needs, such as preparing food or milk.

Inviting children means choosing a spacious room

Children often run around in the room. You have to prepare a spacious room so that they are free to play.

Parks can help eliminate bad mood in children

In general, children love the park. They can run freely in the park. Without disturbing hotel guests who are sitting relaxed in the lobby area. Children tend to see large spaces such as play areas.

Parents can relax for a moment, let the children play with the hotel clerk

Several hotels provide kids club facilities for example like Novotel Vintage Park. There are a series of events held on weekends that can make children feel at home. Besides, some friendly hotel staff will accompany the children to play. So parents can take a rest for a moment.