Posted on: 22/05/2021 Posted by: Kageoni Comments: 0

In recent years, especially because of different difficulties and circumstances that people have faced, situations like the epidemic of covid-19, made people worry especially about their financial activities and management during these difficult times. The issue of sending and receiving money was always important, however in this hard time it is more bold than before. In this short article, we will write about Verse as one of the online payment platforms that is available and has become more popular among users, especially in recent times. Also after observing its services and features, we will try to inform users about the availability of this platform around the world. 

Verse & Its Services

Briefly to say, Verse is a special mobile app that will allow users to pay and receive payments quickly, safe and without any fees. It is a very simple platform that works like a digital wallet; it means that all funds will be available in the Verse balance account and customers will be able to send their funds to the digital account of the receivers. Practically, Verse can be used among online customers that want to split the payment, share some expenses among others and also want to create an event and share expenses to others. Additionally, with Verse mobile app, customers will be able to check the news and feeds of other users and friends about upcoming events or programs. For using all mentioned services and features, simply customers will need to download the Verse special mobile app that is available in both android and ios for users, without any fee create an account and start to use all services. 

The Availability of Verse 

In recent years, Verse tried to be available and active in more countries as possible. Currently this online platform is available in Belgium, Austria,Finland, Germany, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Slovakia, Sweden, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain. It means that users will be able to make payment and receive funds in any of these countries and in their legal currencies such as euros, pounds, Danish krone, Swedish krona, and Polishzlotys. It means that citizens of countries like France, freely and simply can use all features and services of Verse without any fees. Should be noted that the currency of the transactions for each user will be automatically chosen from their mobile number; however, customers will always be able to change the currency each time they want to make transactions with this platform. Worth to mention that Verse does not charge users for any transactions or currency changes process. 


Definitely, the mobile apps and online platforms like Verse, with their new ideas and updates services, made an evolution in the sphere of financial management and online payment systems especially in recent difficult times. For sure the new improvements and updates by this platform, always can make life more easier for customers.