What are torrents?

The internet has a term for everything. Whether we’re talking about social media, online safety, gaming or marketing, every place has a different jargon. If we zoom in on the online safety part of the internet, a term that will frequently get thrown around, is torrent. As a company, torrents might heavily affect you and your results, meaning it’s very important to know about them. Get to know about them with this blog!


Firstly, it’s important to know that a torrent can pretty much be anything. Torrents exist as pictures, videos, games, MP3-files – anything that people have copyrights for. What the torrent does, is that it goes against this copyright. A torrent can be seen as many different parts of a certain file, all split up into tiny bits. This makes it very hard to tackle the torrent, but does make it possible for people to download your file without paying for it. If you have access to an application that builds torrents back into their original form, you have access to anything you want.

Are torrents legal?

No! Torrents are illegal all over the world, as it’s a form of piracy. Of course, copyright rights are different all over the world, but it’s illegal to benefit from the work of somebody, pretty much everywhere. But, because torrents are so complicated to tackle, this form of piracy is very popular and will be frequently mentioned as something that can be done by anyone, almost making it sound like it’s actually legal.

How to protect yourself from torrents?

If your company heavily relies on copyright, it’s important to protect yourself from torrents. Although it’s hard, it’s absolutely possible. By investing in anti piracy software, you scan everyone that tries to get your information. If something seems dangerous, the anti piracy software will notify you, allowing you to make the decision. This makes it significantly harder to create a torrent, as a hacker has to take a lot more effort, with less certainty of succeeding. Only installing the anti piracy software will already increase your online safety, making this a very smart investment!