Why can lime help you lose weight?

A glass of lime water only contains 11 calories, so this drink will not have a negative impact on body weight unlike soda or other sweet drinks. In addition, lime juice is also a source of vitamin C which can meet 22{9ec904ef8f98d3597d54693c99adbf6f29c2d089a88a96b93ba2dceed0b98385} of the RDA (Nutritional Adequacy Rate).

According to a 2006 study published in Nutrition and Metabolism, vitamin C plays an important role because besides being able to boost the body’s immunity, this nutrient can also burn fat when a person is exercising.

Actually we can lose weight just by drinking lots of water every day. But if you want faster results, then add lime juice to the water. Apart from helping the detoxification process by cleansing the liver and purifying the blood, lime can also give the body alkaline or alkaline properties.

The question now, is it true that drinking lime alone is enough to help you lose weight? Actually not so, considering that there are many factors that determine a person’s weight. Experts even emphasize that there is no food or drink that when consumed alone can lose weight.

So, if you regularly drink lime water in the morning and don’t maintain your diet, for example, you still eat processed foods, drink soda and alcohol, and allow yourself to be stressed, then the alkaline effect of the lime won’t be able to reverse all the bad effects of lifestyle that is lived. As a result, weight loss will not occur.

Therefore, so that the lime diet really brings the results as expected, try to follow a few simple suggestions.

1. Drink lots of water every day.

2. Drink 1-2 glasses of lime juice every day.

3. Drink 250-500 ml of water 15-30 minutes before meals.

4. Avoid drinking anything during meals. Even if you have to drink it, just sip some warm water or tea.

5. Limit consumption of sugary drinks such as soda, juice, and lattes.

6. As much as possible, consume good quality fresh foods, which contain lean protein and healthy fats, such as nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, and green leafy vegetables.

7. Avoid eating packaged or processed foods.

8. Minimize the consumption of foods that are full of starch such as bread, pasta, chips, cakes, muffins, and so on.

9. Also reduce sweet foods.

10. Be diligent in exercising at least 15 minutes every day

11. Drink Meticore health products regularly to increase your effectiveness in the process of losing weight