Working In The United States As A Canadian Citizen

For any Canadian citizen that works outside of the country, it’s more than likely the United States will be the place they call home. After all, it’s conveniently located, there isn’t much of a language barrier or culture shock, and there are plenty of familiar companies to work for in each country. If you are looking for USA EOR then look no further as TopSource Worldwide are the best in the game.

However, despite the range of similarities, Canadian citizens will still need to acquire legal documentation for them to be able to work in the country. A work visa is required before you can legally work in the United States. However, Canadians are at a pretty big advantage when compare to people from other countries.

In this article, you will learn what the process is like for a Canadian to legally move to and work in the United States and the various processes that need to be followed to make it happen.

Can A United States Company Hire Canadians?

Yes. A company in the USA can hire Canadians. However, for a person to be hired they will need:

– A valid permanent residency permit (also known as a Green card) or;
– A valid work visa depending on the origin and skills.
– No criminal record.

Do Canadians Require a Visa To Work In The United States?

Yes. However, there are things to consider. There is a different process for Canadians than for people from other parts of the world. The process is much easier for a Canadian citizen over someone from elsewhere. There are different types of visas available to Canadian employees looking to live and work in the United States including:

– TN Visas

These are visas for those who have already been offered a job in the US. If you have already been offered a job in the USA, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) could make you eligible for applying for this type of visa. This is the single fastest way to get yourself a legal work permit to work in the United States.

– Visa H-1B

If you are a Canadian national that has been offered a job within the USA, you may also be eligible to apply for an H-1B visa. This is a visa that has a couple of advantages for any Canadian looking to work in the USA.

– L-1 Visa

This is typically the visa you would want to apply for if you’ve been hired for a company out of Canada but who is transferring you to operations in the United States.

– E-2 Visa

This particular visa is much more for business owners and for those looking to invest in the USA. This is a temporary work visa for the US and you can be eligible for it if you are making “significant” investments in it. To effectively qualify for this type of visa, you will need to have the investment meet several requirements.

Are Employees From Canada Attractive To United States-based Companies?

Yes, they are. Not only are Canadian employees known for having higher education, but they are in a lot of cases more qualified than their American counterparts. There are also no worries about getting a Canadian accustomed to the local culture because there aren’t many differences. Likewise, there is generally no language barrier because Canadians speak English.

How Exactly Does A Company Bc ased In The United States Pay Employees From Canada?

If a Canadian citizen gets the legal work visa they need and they are residing within the United States during employment, they will get paid the same way someone from the US would. They would open up a United States bank account and get paid through the normal payroll system. They will then pay United States taxes and make social security payments just like an American citizen would.

If the employee is Canadian and they are working remotely in Canada for a US-based company, they will end up adhering to local labour laws. The company would need to have a legal entity set up in Canada to pay their Canadian employees in that case.